A Video

  1. How have you experienced God this week?
  2. What are you thankful for?
  3. What do you need God’s help for?
  4. How can we help you with your needs?
  5. Pray for each other
  6. What have you put into practice since our last meeting?
  7. How are the people that you are caring for going? What would help them most?
  8. Were you able to share a God experience with anyone? Did you pray with them?
  9. Pray for these people


Watch one of the following:


These films are an accurate depiction of the life, teaching and suffering of Jesus. There are three ways you can decide to watch this film:

Decide how much of the movie you will watch together. If you do not have time for the entire movie consider starting at the one hour mark. This will give still give you examples of Jesus teaching and miracles before He goes to Jerusalem to suff er and die.

If you are watching the JESUS film:

Stop at 1:15

  1. What has impressed you about what Jesus has said or done so far?
  2. How has Jesus described His mission or purpose (see 1:14)
  3. What has Jesus forecast will happen to Him? (1:15)

Stop at 1:43

  1. What is Pilate’s attitude toward Jesus?
  2. Why does Pilate have Jesus punished?

After the film

  1. What does it mean to me that Jesus suffered so much for me?
  1. Do you want to place your trust in Jesus today?
  2. Where do I have an opportunity in the next week to share my experiences with God with someone and invite them to start a friendship with God?