The Servant


Pray together: Thank God for experiences, ask for God‘s help.

Pray together, that you may get to know new aspects of God and that your friendship with God would be strengthened and become deeper.


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Isaiah 52:13-53:12 
Last time we read about God announcing a new age. Today we will learn about how this is to come about (a practical plan). God will send “his servant”. That means a man who will live exactly as God wants us to. Despite committing no sin or wrong, this man will die like a criminal. For the mission of God‘s servant will be to take humankind‘s sickness, pain and sin upon himself. This will not be a pretty sight, quite the opposite.
The people around him will despise and turn away from him. They will think that he is a criminal who is being punished by God for his awful deeds. But really he will not be punished for what he himself did, but for what all humans under the influence of evil have done. This servant of God will take the responsibility for our wrong doing. He will be executed instead of us sinful people so we can have peace again; peace with God and peace with others.

John 1:29-34

John (the Baptist) was a prophet who was sent by God to prepare Israel for the coming of his servant (read Isaiah 52-53). In this passage he identifies Jesus as the Lamb of God, who takes the sins of the world upon himself. In other words, John is saying that Jesus is the long awaited Savior who will free humanity from the power of evil. To do that he will take humanity‘s sins upon himself and take the punishment for them.