A New Agreement


Pray together: Thank God for experiences, ask for God‘s help.

Pray together, that you may get to know new aspects of God and that your friendship with God would be strengthened and become deeper.


General questions:

Specific questions

Read the first paragraph of the commentary after  discussing the preceding question.


Let’s be honest. Are you able to keep the Ten Commandments or are you aware of persistently breaking them? These rules may be able to fight evil, but they cannot completely eradicate it. It remains a fact that we humans are not free from evil and that we are not able to change ourselves.

That is why God spoke of a time in which there will be a new way of living. But some things need to change for that to happen:

  1. When we humans decided against God and chose to follow the snake, we had to leave the garden and thus the close relationship with God. We have sinned against God and we cannot reverse it. But because God loves us so much, He announced that He will forgive our sins. That is the most important requirement for getting the kind of relationship the first humans had with God.
  2. God needs to change our heart so that we are no longer under the influence of evil and can choose freely between God and the snake (evil). If we choose God and thus what is good, God’s rules will apply to us again, but if we choose to listen to the snake we will fall under the influence of evil again. But for us to be able to make such a decision, we first need to know God (get to know Him). So God spoke of a time when everyone will be able know Him personally. When we are able to have such a relationship with God, we no longer need to follow the rules of a book, instead God will write His rules directly into our hearts so that it becomes a part of us.
  3. Then we will belong to His people and He will be our God and many things will become what God intended them to be in the first place.