A Flood


Pray together: Thank God for experiences, ask for God‘s help.

Pray together, that you may get to know new aspects of God and that your friendship with God would be strengthened and become deeper.


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Applying the text 



Genesis 6:5-7:24
The extreme effects of the events in the garden of Eden were gradually becoming visible. In just the course of a few generations, evil increased so much that by the tenth generation humans were full of evil.
  • In the second generation of humans’ individualism and egotism and envy, in short sin, was already so advanced that Cain murdered his younger brother. He was expelled from his family as a punishment. To ensure that Cain, who now had no family and who was thus vulnerable, would not be robbed and murdered by anyone, they agreed that he would be avenged seven times. That meant that if someone killed Cain, seven people would be executed as a punishment  (Genesis 4:8-15).
  • In the seventh generation, Lamech killed people for a bruise and demanded that he should be avenged not merely seven times as Cain had been but seventy seven times (Genesis 4:23-24).
  • By the tenth generation (Noah‘s generation), it needed to be said that the wickedness of humans was GREAT. So great, that they could only do evil (Genesis 6:11-12). Therefore God decided to intervene dramatically in the history of the world to check that evil by only allowing what was good to survive the flood and thus make way for a new beginning (Genesis 6 and Genesis 7).