The Choice


Pray together: Thank God for experiences, ask for God‘s help.

Pray together, that you may get to know new aspects of God and that your friendship with God would be strengthened and become deeper.


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Before we get into the tragedy of this chapter, let‘s take a look at an important point in the story. Adam and Eve heard God walking in the garden. They immediately knew that it was God who was approaching. It did not seem to be extraordinary that God walked in the garden with them and that they spoke together. The relationship between humans and God must have been straightforward and wonderful.
How dramatically did that change when Adam and Eve suddenly had to choose between the snake and God. The snake advised them to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But after eating from it, they had an even bigger problem. They knew that God would come to them in the garden that evening. What should they do? The man decided to blame the woman and the woman decided to blame the snake.
That was the beginning of individualism and egotism. They started to think of themselves as individuals instead of as a unit of man and woman. They stared to distance themselves from each other. That‘s why they made clothes from leaves. This just reflected what had already happened in their hearts. They drew a line between themselves, to protect themselves from each other and they both hid themselves from God too. Humans had only known goodness and lived in a wonderful relationship with God and with each other. By eating the forbidden fruit, they discovered evil and its consequences.
In due course humans were driven out of the garden and thus out of God‘s presence. The snake‘s advice was not completely wrong. They did not die immediately, but were severed from God, the source of life, and therefore became mortal.
Sadly, from that point onwards, not only humans, but the whole of creation fell under the influence of death, therefore some animals had to die to provide humans with clothes. Through that single action of human opposition towards God, all relationships were marred. The relationship to God was marred, the relationship between humans was marred and the relationship of humans towards nature and animals was marred.